CPI Refresher Training AM Session

Bemidji Minnesota, 56601

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CPI Refresher Training AM Session
  • Providing District: BRIC
  • Campus: Beltrami Electric
  • Room/Building: Community Room
  • Fee: $0
  • Lunch/Dinner: On your own
  • Event Date:: Sept. 30, 2021, 8 a.m.
  • Occupancy 3
  • Facilitator: Brent Colligan

Refresher: Review of the following NCI Units

  • Units 1-6 Prevention and Deceleration Strategies 

Objective: Be able to identify behavior that indicates an escalation toward aggression and violent behavior and take appropriate measures to avoid, decelerate and/or de-escalate crisis situations.

  • Unit 7 Decision Making

Objective: Be able to access the level of risk associated with crisis behavior and make appropriate decisions related to the management of such risks.  

  • Units 8-9 Managing Behavioral Risk Using Disengagement and/or Holding skills

Objective: Be able to use suitable and acceptable physical interventions to reduce or manage risk behavior.

  • Unit 10 Postvention Approaches

Objective: Be able to identify the impact of crisis events and describe Postvention responses that can be used for personal organizational support and learning.


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Brent Colligan